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GreenGeeks Overview

Since 2006, GreenGeeks web hosting has been growing rapidly and establishing itself as the top eco-friendly web hosting company. Running massive servers takes a lot more energy than you might imagine. One 2005 study shows that powering, cooling and protecting all the web servers uses as much power as 14 power plants can produce in a year. They get close to the airline industry in the level of pollution produced. For this reason, GreenGeeks puts back three times the power they use into the grid using wind energy. They also endeavor to rely solely on wind power to power all their locations as well.


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Hosting Features:


Techie FeaturesMarketing & Bonus Features
 Unlimited Space$50 Free Yahoo Credits
Unlimited Bandwidth2 Premium Site Builders: RV Site Builder & Soho Launch
1 Free DomainWordpress Drupal, Joomla
Unlimited FTP AccountsFantastico, Softaculous
Unlimited MySQL Database 
cPanel Control Panel 
POP3, Web Mail, IMAP, Forwarding, Autoresponder 
99.9% Uptime  

Hosting Plans

GreenGeeks really only has one shared hosting plan, but since everything you could need for a mid-sized company is included, this is usually sufficient. This plan includes full customer support access and unlimited access to almost every tool you can imagine. They also regular run special offers and deals. Sometimes just chatting with a sales rep before making a purchase will lead to you getting a special offer to encourage you to sign up.

Pricing Concerns

GreenGeeks’ payment plans are simple. The longer you sign up for, the more you save. If you order more than two years when you initially sign up, they’ll even throw in a free domain name registration that stays free for life. This is a nice thing that GreenGeeks brings to the table that sets them above their competition. If you sign up for three years at a time you’ll cut your price down by almost 75 percent. Since they have such a simple plan, signing up with GreenGeeks is one of the fastest signup processes available.

Customer Service

GreenGeeks enjoys a very stellar reputation among small website hosting customers. However, those who have had problems are quite vocal. One amazing thing you’ll see about GreenGeeks is they take the time to respond to every derogatory comment, regardless of how unreasonable it is, in a friendly manner. They’ll post a comment, respond via Facebook and are really trying to make sure that any misunderstandings are explained. If you run a site that has lots of usage spikes, you might want to go with a more high-end provider. As usual, most of the complaints about GreenGeeks come from those who are expecting 4-star service from a budget level account. GreenGeeks has 24-hour support and tries to make sure the same people work each shift so that customers can regularly communicate with the same support team members.


GreenGeeks’ 99.9 percent uptime promise is kept for the most part. Few customers have any complaints about their sites going down. Since GreenGeeks is shared hosting, there will be occasional periods when the site is slower than others. However, the slowdown is usually within acceptable parameters and GreenGeeks proactively takes steps to make sure that the servers are performing as well as possible. Most technical problems are handled quickly and efficiently. Billing problems sometimes take longer but are usually settled amicably.

Ease of Use

GreenGeeks is an easy to use web hosting company. Since they use cPanel like most other hosting companies, you’ll feel right at home once you’re signed in and working on your account. Your new domains often go live in under an hour meaning you can be up and working as soon as you sign up. Installing plugins and scripts is intuitive and easy. Their third-party website builders, RV Site Builder and SOHO Launch Pro, make it easy to put together a site in no time. If you want to switch over to WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, it’s just a few clicks to install these free content management systems as well.

Bottom Line:

We don’t often think about web hosting as a factor of pollution. However, when you use GreenGeeks, you’ll get a powerful and reliable web hosting service and also be doing something for the environment. Sign up today and start enjoying this earth friendly, professional yet affordable web hosting service.


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