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 Last Updated January 2021

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Why do I need domain registration?

Before buying a domain, learn all there is to know. Simply put, a domain name is an identification label to show that you have ownership or control of an internet resource. A computer will recognize a website address based on behind the scenes binary IP addresses through domain name servers (DNS). However, in order for them to be easily recognizable and memorable to the public, the numerically addressed internet resource is given a name. What is easier to remember, or Exactly.

A website's name is the address of said site, and it should be memorable. With millions of websites on the internet, domain registrars will ensure that no names are duplicated, and act as intermediaries between users and the DNS. Remember, when buying a name, you might be referred to as the owner, but rather than ownership, it's leasing it for a term, and have bought the exclusive rights over that domain for a period of time. Most companies or registrars will allow customers to renew the name automatically at the end of this term, ensuring it does not appear back on the open market.

Is domain hosting the same as a domain registrar?

Not exactly. A domain registrar is a company which helps anyone buy a domain name. However, most companies offer this service, so you can choose both at the same time. Not only will the company more than likely be able to teach its customers how to buy a name, it may also help them register it. They often include excellent offers such as cheap domain names or even a free one.

Do hosts offer cheap domain transfer?

If you are looking to trasnfer an already established name, most companies will arrange to have the it transferred for you. Look for a platform that does this without causing downtime.

Other features you will want to research before choosing include:

  • Subdomains - This is part of the main domain. For example, your name could be, and the online store may be found at the subdomain

  • Parked - When a host offers this, it means that you can choose others to register under the main website, which will automatically reroute to the parent site. Think of it as a website alias.

  • Add-ons - This is a separate website, which can be controlled from the same control panel and account. 

  • Email addresses - A great professional extra touch is having personalized email addresses. This means customers can contact you directly through the website, for example


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