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BlueHost Overview

BlueHost is one of the true veterans and industry leaders in the field of online website hosting. The company has been in business since 1996, which has given it an incredible track record that few others can match. The strength of this host is that offer exceptional quality with powerful and safe hosting for a very inexpensive price tag. Whether you are looking for your first web host or looking to switch existing sites to a more reliable company, Blue Host is a great choice!


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Hosting Features

Techie FeaturesMarketing & Bonus Features
 Unlimited SpaceFREE $100 Google Adwords Ad Credits
Unlimited BandwidthFree $50 FaceBook, $50 Yahoo Ad Credits
Unlimited DomainsFree Website Builder
Secure FTP AccountsGoogle Analytics Integration
cPanel Control PanelSearch Engine Submission
Unlimited E-mailSSH Access, SSI, CronJobs
99.9% Uptime GuaranteeCGI-BIN, CGI Library
 1-Click Script Installation, WordPress, Forums, Social Network Scripts

Hosting Plans

There are a number of excellent features offered with the BlueHost shared plan. This starts out with a free domain name (for one year). Each customer will also receive an unlimited amount of disk storage space and bandwidth. It is also very easy to access and manage your new site. The control panel used by Blue Host is cPanel, another recognized leader in this industry. Additionally, every customer receives an anytime money back guarantee; you will never be locked into any kind of contract and there are no hidden or extra fees.

For those looking for a little bit more, consider upgrading to the Pro Hosting Plan. This is also a shared plan, but there are 80% less accounts per server. This means that you will access to more power, speed and additional resources. Of course, this plan also provides access to the same cPanel control panel and a solid 99.9% uptime guarantee. There are a number of additional freebies like SiteBackup Pro, a dedicated IP address, SSL certificate (very helpful if you intend to sell products from your site), a free domain name for the life of the account and much more.


Pricing Concerns

Unlike many other hosting providers, BlueHost does not play pricing games. There are no hidden or additional fees. There are no set up fees, either. Most of their customer reviews indicate that people are happy with the service offered. The standard hosting plan is incredibly affordable, going for between £2.38 and £4.18 per month (depending on how long a term you choose). However, even the pro plan is a great value for someone needing a little more resources and power. At just £14.99 per month, this could be a perfect option for a site that is expected to grow fast or just needs more resources.


Customer Support

Customer support is excellent at Blue Host. After all, they have not been in business for so long without doing a few things right! There are several different telephone lines that allow customers to reach help. You may also submit an email online by filling out the form or use the interactive chat. You can expect a speedy reply from a dedicated team member who is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. If you prefer to stay on the site, feel free to browse the knowledge base, open a support ticket or peruse a number of the handy video tutorials.



One of the biggest factors in assessing the reliability of a web host is what kind of up-time percentage your site will have. Blue Host offers their customers a 99.9% up-time guarantee. This ensures that your visitors and customers will be able to access your site anytime. The company also performs regular backups and uses cutting edge equipment and technology to secure and safeguard their server network. Some of this includes having multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections, uninterrupted power supplies and even a diesel generator as a backup power system.


Ease of Use

The cPanel interface makes accessing and using your new host a breeze. If you can use a word processor, than you will quickly figure this one out! All of your options will be presented graphically. For example, if you want to upload a new file, simply click on the folder icon labeled file manager. Everything is very clearly marked; all options have a very intuitive feel to them.


Bottom Line

The system provided by BlueHost is excellent for beginner and advanced website owners. The cPanel interface makes it easy to access and manage your account. Highly recommended.



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